Making the world a better place to live by providing safe and reliable energy for generations to come, and have fun doing it!


Oil Sources Corp’s mission is to deliver a competitive and sustainable rate of return to oil and gas investors by developing, acquiring and exploring for oil and gas resources vital to the world’s health and welfare.

Mission Statement
To make the world a better place to live by providing safe and reliable energy for generations to come, and have fun doing it.

Vision Statement
Oil Sources Corp will be a respected independent energy company of the future relentlessly pursuing targeted investments, maximizing the value of our assets and resources for our employees, shareholders and stakeholders, and always working in a responsible, caring and productive manner.
Core Values

* Being Fair and Honest – We will treat others like we would like to be treated
* Planning Wisely – We will dream big and anticipate and prepare for the future
* Doing Superior Work – We will play to our strengths and strive to do our jobs better every day by being safe, responsible, Mpersistent, creative, goal-oriented, well-trained, agile, prudent, accurate, and timely in the work that we do
* Aligning Interests – We will create and work toward common goals with our employees, business partners, contractors, Nconsultants, and regulators
* Helping Others – We will help build a better community
* Being Good Stewards – We will conserve energy and protect our environment
* Enjoying Life – We will have fun by doing our jobs well, celebrating our accomplishments, exceeding our goals, laughing often, working in a quality environment with competent peers, and enjoying life

Growth Strategy

* Identify and commercialize resources.
* Explore in high-potential, proven basins.
* Employ global business development approach.
* Ensure financial discipline and flexibility.
* Make safety, health, security and environmental considerations a priority in our planning, processes and selection of new Cproducts.
* Operate its equipment, including vehicles, and handle its products in a fashion that protects the safety, health and security of Cour employees, the general public and the environment.
* Recognize and respond to community concerns about the products we handle at our operations.
* Counsel its customers, transporters and others in the safe use, storage and transportation of the products it sells.
* Comply with governmental regulations and standards to safeguard its employees, its community and the environment.
* In the absence of governmental regulations, the company pledges to always use “Best Management Judgment and Decisions” in Cconducting its affairs.